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Show product details for Vapur Water Bottles - BPA Free

Vapur Water Bottles - BPA Free

Price $7.95

List Price: $9.95

You Save: $2.00 (20%)

The Vapur® Anti-Bottle is a foldable, reusable water bottle designed for convenient on-the-go use. Unlike traditional rigid bottles, the Anti-Bottle is flexible. It stands upright when full and can be rolled, folded or flattened when empty - easily fitting into pockets, purses or packs.

Show product details for Colorful Tin Rooster

Colorful Tin Rooster

Price $39.95

List Price: $49.95

You Save: $10.00 (20%)

This beautiful and proud rooster will accent your patio or garden, even your country kitchen! He stands 16" high and is very proud of his tail feathers!

Show product details for Botanical Corelle Tray and Glasses Set

Botanical Corelle Tray and Glasses Set

Price $29.95

List Price: $34.95

You Save: $5.00 (14%)

Melamine is pretty and practical for outdoor entertaining and everyday use. Available in four patterns, each set comes with 4 acrylic 14 oz tumblers and a handled tray, 18.5" x 11.5".

Show product details for Gardener's Hollow Leg Jr.

Gardener's Hollow Leg Jr.

Price $19.95

List Price: $24.95

You Save: $5.00 (20%)

This is the perfect bag for harvesting vegetables from your garden. Just strap the belt on and it goes with you leaving your hands free. This one is the 12" deep "Junior" size which we have found is best for tomatoes and herbs. Holds approximately 1 gallon and the opening at the top ring is 6" in diameter. There is also a pocket for holding your snips!

Show product details for Dog Flower Frog

Dog Flower Frog

Price $9.95

List Price: $15.95

You Save: $6.00 (38%)

This adorable little dog will sit on your table and hold up to seven stems or bundles of stems of grasses, fern fronds, flowers or whatever you can come up with.

Show product details for Carved Wood Hummingbirds set of 2

Carved Wood Hummingbirds set of 2

Price $22.95

List Price: $29.95

You Save: $7.00 (23%)

Set of 2 Hand Carved birds with intricate detail and light as air will hover over your table or in front of a window in the breeze. Strung on fishing line which is nearly invisible.

Show product details for Carved Wood Doorstop

Carved Wood Doorstop

Price $17.95

List Price: $22.95

You Save: $5.00 (22%)

This helpful bird doorstop is hand-crafted of two types of hardwood. A leather hand pull ensures easy removal.

Show product details for Gather by Georgeanne Brennan

Gather by Georgeanne Brennan

Price $18.35

List Price: $22.95

You Save: $4.60 (20%)

In this beautifully photographed cookbook, renowned chef Georgeanne Brennan brings a refreshing feeling of seasonal simplicity to the art of entertaining year-round. She invites readers to consider any occasion to gather people to the table: honoring parents in the springtime, Chinese New Year in the winter, or a Summer Solstice party

Show product details for Grow Your Own Food Made Easy Handbook

Grow Your Own Food Made Easy Handbook

Price $6.99

List Price: $9.99

You Save: $3.00 (30%)

Grow Your Own Food Made Easy by Christopher Forrest McDowell, PhD, and Tricia Clark-McDowell is packed with tips and information to help all gardeners grow more vegetables in less space, while upping the nutritional content of their harvests.

Show product details for The Locavore Way Book

The Locavore Way Book

Price $7.95

List Price: $12.95

You Save: $5.00 (39%)

Amy Cotler explains how to eat locally without sacrificing taste of flavor, and gives tips for taking advantage of local seasonal delicacies in her book The Locavore Way.

Show product details for Sparrow Salt & Pepper Shakers

Sparrow Salt & Pepper Shakers

Price $16.95

List Price: $19.95

You Save: $3.00 (15%)

These beautiful glass salt and pepper shakers, have just the right touch for the garden party table. These make a wonderful gift for bird lovers.

Show product details for ChicoBag Produce Bag Set

ChicoBag Produce Bag Set

Price $8.95

List Price: $11.95

You Save: $3.00 (25%)

Maintain optimal humidity and air flow around your fruits and vegetables and keep them fresher longer with these produce bags. Take the bags with you to the store or the Farmers' Market and bring home fresh produce.

Perfect for squash, broccoli, carrots and celery.

Show product details for Seasons Tea Towels

Seasons Tea Towels

Price $9.95

List Price: $16.00

You Save: $6.05 (38%)

You'll remember exactly why each season is special with these 100% cotton tea towels, featuring cheerful colors and bold graphics. Designed by British-born, Brooklyn-based graphic artist Claudia Pearson, the tea towels are made from the same light, fast-drying flour sack fabric used for generations. Spring, Summer and Winter available (sorry Fall is sold out).

Show product details for Plastic Bag Dryer stand

Plastic Bag Dryer stand

Price $16.95

List Price: $19.95

You Save: $3.00 (15%)

Crafted from sustainably harvested birch and ash woods, our Countertop Bag Dryer makes it easy to dry and reuse plastic bags by promoting air circulation. Beautiful in its simplicity, folds neatly for storage.

Show product details for Luster Leaf Soil Thermometer

Luster Leaf Soil Thermometer

Price $7.95

List Price: $10.95

You Save: $3.00 (27%)

Using a thermometer insures that your soil is just right for plants with sensitive temperature needs. Encased in corrosion free aluminum, scaled in degree F and degree C. Improve your seeding and transplanting results by planting at the safe and proper soil temperature.

Show product details for Garden Hand Trowel

Garden Hand Trowel

Price $9.95

List Price: $15.95

You Save: $6.00 (38%)

Help the growth of your luscious green oasis with Spear and Jackson's Hand Trowel. Digging small holes, transplanting seedlings or planting bulbs becomes an easy task with this tool. The contoured handle creates relief for your hard working hands and confidence is instilled with the stainless steel scoop. Of course it’s rust resistant, allowing you to spend more time gardening and less time maintaining your tool. Finally, your gardening adventure will live up to your expectations, not to mention those of your neighbors.

Show product details for Petal Drops Rain Catcher

Petal Drops Rain Catcher

Price $2.95

List Price: $4.00

You Save: $1.05 (26%)

Capture precious rain drops for your plants with eco-friendly Petal Drops. Made of recycled materials, these flower-shaped funnels give new life to your old water and soda bottles.

Show product details for Aqua Genie Watering Can

Aqua Genie Watering Can

Price $7.95

List Price: $9.95

You Save: $2.00 (20%)

Give your indoor plants the correct amount of water with the Aqua Genie Watering Can. The tendency to over-water houseplants is wide-spread, especially with larger outdoor watering cans. Made from recycled plastic, with a modern, streamlined look, this indoor gardening tool is stylish enough to leave on the counter, within easy reach.

Show product details for 3 piece Houseplant tool set

3 piece Houseplant tool set

Price $7.95

List Price: $9.95

You Save: $2.00 (20%)

Great for houseplants, terrariums, herbs and so handy to have nearby. Pretty green handles and nicely made 3 piece tool set.

Show product details for Greenbo Frog Water Meter

Greenbo Frog Water Meter

Price $12.95

List Price: $14.95

You Save: $2.00 (13%)

The frog will monitor the moisture level of your soil so you can quickly determine if you need to water. Works for indoor and outdoor plants.

Show product details for Children's Garden Tool set

Children's Garden Tool set

Price $6.95

List Price: $9.95

You Save: $3.00 (30%)

Colorful and fun, get your kids or grand kids in the garden with you! These tools make it fun and give them lots of work to do. High quality set of three tools for ages 3-5.

Show product details for Bird Cage Mobile

Bird Cage Mobile

Price $24.95

List Price: $29.95

You Save: $5.00 (17%)

Here's your chance to be a pet owner without all the work. Just hang this delightful bird cage mobile prominently in your home and pretend you hear the chirps. Laser cut from 100% museum board, this finely crafted mobile is so realistically designed it's almost like having an actual pet bird... except you won't have to clean the cage.

Show product details for Retro Owl Mobile

Retro Owl Mobile

Price $24.95

List Price: $29.95

You Save: $5.00 (17%)

Include retro modern sensibility to your decorative repertoire. This mobile was developed from the simplicity and elegance of Japanese and Danish designs of the 1960's.

The saturated colors pop with the perfection that only laser cut precision can bring. Helene Ige's Wise ol' Owl brings the spirit of the protector and goddess of foresight and knowledge to your home.

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