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Terrariums & Succulents

Show product details for Succulent plants puzzle planter

Succulent plants puzzle planter

Price $69.95

Filled with a mini garden full of beautiful live succulents. Our succulent garden makes a lovely gift and will last for a long time as it grows. Geometric pattern of pots in a tin tray to catch drips. Very little care required and just a bright area to grow!

Show product details for Framed Succulent Planter

Framed Succulent Planter

Price $39.95

Filled with a mini garden full of beautiful live succulents. This framed garden makes a lovely gift and will last for a long time as it grows out over the wooden frame. Hang on a wall in the garden or keep it indoors on a table. Very easy to care for.

Show product details for Wood Pillars with Live Succulents

Wood Pillars with Live Succulents

Price $9.95

Handmade 4" Wooden pillars with live succulents topping them off small, medium, or large with a metal rustic Fleur de Lis and burlap decoration make a nice set to give as a gift or for yourself! Easy to care for, just a bright window nearby and watering once or twice a week. Can be kept outdoors in mild winter areas.

Show product details for Stone Pot Succulents

Stone Pot Succulents

Price $12.95

Stone "Hypertufa" pots are super light weight clay in Red or Buff with burlap wraps & Metal rustic Fleur de Lis attached. Perfect gifts or just set it anywhere in your house that gets a bit of sunshine. Very minimal care needed and can be grown outdoors too in zones 7 and above.

Show product details for Mini Succulents in Clay Pots Set of 3

Mini Succulents in Clay Pots Set of 3

Price $14.95

Handmade super lightweight clay 3" pots with live succulents make a cute windowsill set to give as a gift or for yourself! Easy to care for, just a bright window nearby and minimal watering.

Show product details for Cork Plants Refrigerator Magnets set of 3

Cork Plants Refrigerator Magnets set of 3

Price $9.95

Cute little real succulent plants can go anywhere, just spritz them with water every few days. Real corks can be hung on your refrigerator or any metal surface.

Show product details for Terrarium Decor

Terrarium Decor

Price $18.95

A large box of several pieces of terrarium moss, a cluster of Pyrite, or a Crystal Cluster to decorate your terrarium. Order 1, 2 or all three.

Show product details for Do it yourself Terrarium Kit

Do it yourself Terrarium Kit

Price $39.99

Choose any container and build your own terrarium! Twig's DIY Terrarium Kit includes everything you need to make a gallon sized container (with enough leftover for one or two tiny terrariums!). Kit comes complete with high quality ingredients, detailed instructions, and even a tiny person to populate your new little green world!

Show product details for Twig Terrarium tool set

Twig Terrarium tool set

Price $16.95

This set from Twig includes all the basics for terrarium-making fun. No fancy crap, just the bare bones essentials. This is literally a collection of our most-used terraring tools.

Show product details for Copenhagen style Large Carafe

Copenhagen style Large Carafe

Price $39.95

Like the idea of dual-purpose vessels? Use this Copenhagen Carafe to create a simple tabletop centerpiece vase or use the hand-blown glass vessels as a carafe to serve drinks and spirits at parties and family get-togethers.

Click to see a similar carafe planted as a terrarium in Sunset Magazine.*

Show product details for Extendable Terrarium Rake

Extendable Terrarium Rake

Price $8.95

This cute little rake will reach into the tallest terrarium and works to grab items as well as manipulate them into place. Perfect for hard-to-reach places, as in terrariums with narrow openings.

Show product details for Geometric Shaped Terrarium

Geometric Shaped Terrarium

Price $75.95

Instant modern geometry comes alive with this uniquely shaped terrarium. Fill it with moss, rare stones, and dry plants to bring the outdoors inside!

Show product details for Recycled Glass Wall Terrarium

Recycled Glass Wall Terrarium

Price $55.95

Indoor gardening takes on a free-form look with Roost's bubble terrariums. Each piece is blown without a mold, creating glass bubbles that are then flattened and curved into shape.

**Please note: This wall terrarium is made with at least 50% recycled glass, which is characterized by impurities such as bubbles, dimples, flow and grit marks and rippling.

Show product details for Hanging Bubble Terrarium Teardrop

Hanging Bubble Terrarium Teardrop

Price $29.95

Hangs anywhere to provide an instant garden. Perfect gift for your favorite green thumb. Indoor/outdoor multi-use terrarium

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