Succulents Make Easy Table Top Gardens for Modern Outdoor Spaces

photo by davitydave

photo by davitydave

If you’ve kept up with magazines like Dwell, Domino, Real Simple, and others, you’d know that patio succulent gardens are all the rage in gardening circles.  Most container garden articles have glorious photos of succulents overflowing terracotta pots or stoneware.  Sure they look great, but not necessarily the “look” for a modern garden.

A large stoneware planter is hard to move around, and many prized succulents are simply not cold hardy in most of the United States.  Additionally, succulent gardens are perfect double-duty garden gems; they look great on the front porch steps and make stylish indoor/outdoor center pieces for summer barbecues and impromptu gatherings.

Perch Succulents Indoors and Out

To make your succulent garden stylish, portable and match your modern aesthetic, consider planting a garden in the new Perch! Campy Planter.  These quirky little planters are perfect for indoor/outdoor succulent gardens.  The pedestal base doubles as a saucer to catch what (little) water you add to your succulents.  The stoneware planters are all hand-made in Brooklyn, New York, but feel at home in any modern house.  Growing succulents is a bit different than other container gardening ventures, so here’s some tips for growing healthy plants:

Grow Happy, Healthy Succulent Gardens

  • Use fast draining soil when planting in containers.  Like other plants, succulents still need nutrients, so they will not grow well in a mixture made entirely from sand and gravel.  It is best to use a mixture of sand, gravel, and light compost.  You can generally buy specially mixed succulent soil/planting mix at your local garden center.  It is worth the money.  Plus, one small bag will do, unless you plant a dozen containers.
  • Find containers with drainage holes.  That’s what makes the Perch! Campy Planters great for succulents.  They have a small hole in the bottom of the sphere, which drains out into the pedestal.  That makes these succulent pots easy to move around.
  • Avoid re-potting succulents too much. It’s a good idea to select a slow-growing or small specimen for a small pot.
  • Place your newly designed containers in a sunny area.  Succulents staying indoors for a long period of time should be near a sunny window, away from a direct draft from the air-conditioner or heater.
  • Water your succulent containers when the soil is dry.  The amount and timing of water varies by species.  If you buy a plant with a tag, look up that species to see if your plant will need more water at one time of the year versus another.  In general, if the plant starts to look shriveled, it needs water!

Easy Succulents for Container Plantings

  • Aloe
  • Echeveria  (commonly known as “hens and chicks”
  • Euphorbia (crown of thorns)
  • Sedum

Succulents are very popular right now, so you can find mini-succulents at almost every garden center.  Plant your portable succulent garden, and enjoy the fun, indoors and out.

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