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Bring Some GREEN Indoors this Winter

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
When it looks like this outside, it's definitely time to bring some green into your home. Image source: Andrew Prokos Photography.

When it looks like this outside, it's definitely time to bring some green into your home. Image source: Andrew Prokos Landscape Photography (

With the frigid months of winter upon us, it’s all too easy to find ourselves sitting around and twiddling our green thumbs. We can’t wait to dig our hands into some spring soil, but alas, months of frozen earth lay ahead. And our mood is starting to reflect the gray, black, and brown shades of our frozen gardens.

What’s the perfect cure for the winter blahs? Bring some green indoors! After all, nothing brightens up a room like a cheerful indoor plant. As a bonus, houseplants also help to clean the air by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, which is a definite plus when it is too darn cold to open the windows and get some fresh air in your home.  There are numerous  Benefits of Decorating with Houseplants; click here to learn all about them.

When the weather prevents you from gardening outside, some friendly and perky houseplants can come to the rescue. They also make the perfect hostess gifts, as they are considerably more creative than the obligatory bottle of wine. Our favorite houseplants here at aHa! Modern Living are cheery, low maintenance, and easily portable.

Check out the Perch! Campy Planters

Ceramic Campy PlantersThese simple yet stylish handmade planters come in three different vibrant color combinations: green and turquoise, gray and green, or white and yellow. We absolutely love their mini size; each planter stands just 6 1/2 inches tall. They can fit even on a small space such a bathroom sink or nightstand.We love the idea of planting a succulent in a Campy, which is pictured on the left. This is super low maintenance, since succulents can survive for long periods of time without water. Perch! Campy Planters also have a perforated bottom for water drainage, which is integral for healthy plants.

Another great indoor option: Eggling Seed Starters

Basil Eggling Seed StarterAt just 10 bucks a pop, you can afford one as a gift for each of your friends and still treat yourself. Check out both varieties: basil and chrysanthemum.Eggling Seed Starters are simple as pie to use. All you have to do is crack open the top, and water the soil within, which is already filled with peat mixture and seeds. One thing that we really love is how easily the Eggling may be transferred from the indoors to the outside. After 5 months, the whole egg can be planted outdoors. This way, your Eggling can brighten up your home all winter, and come spring it will be ready to take root.

Looking for something a little bit quirky and fun?

iGrobot Desktop PlanterThen you will love the iGrobot Planter.  Again, we just can’t help but love how fool-proof this planter is. It comes with instructions, two measures of peat, and a packet of rye grass seeds. Once your grass sprouts, you can trim it into a mohawk, or any other shape you may desire. We are sure that it will make a fun addition to your home or office space, not to mention a great gift for any techie.

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Succulents Make Easy Table Top Gardens for Modern Outdoor Spaces

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

photo by davitydave

photo by davitydave

If you’ve kept up with magazines like Dwell, Domino, Real Simple, and others, you’d know that patio succulent gardens are all the rage in gardening circles.  Most container garden articles have glorious photos of succulents overflowing terracotta pots or stoneware.  Sure they look great, but not necessarily the “look” for a modern garden.

A large stoneware planter is hard to move around, and many prized succulents are simply not cold hardy in most of the United States.  Additionally, succulent gardens are perfect double-duty garden gems; they look great on the front porch steps and make stylish indoor/outdoor center pieces for summer barbecues and impromptu gatherings.