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Succulents Make Easy Table Top Gardens for Modern Outdoor Spaces

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

photo by davitydave

photo by davitydave

If you’ve kept up with magazines like Dwell, Domino, Real Simple, and others, you’d know that patio succulent gardens are all the rage in gardening circles.  Most container garden articles have glorious photos of succulents overflowing terracotta pots or stoneware.  Sure they look great, but not necessarily the “look” for a modern garden.

A large stoneware planter is hard to move around, and many prized succulents are simply not cold hardy in most of the United States.  Additionally, succulent gardens are perfect double-duty garden gems; they look great on the front porch steps and make stylish indoor/outdoor center pieces for summer barbecues and impromptu gatherings.