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Set the Mood For Autumn: Transitioning Your Decor From Summer to Fall

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011
Fall inspired decor

Image source: theLENNOXX

Every year there is an obvious change that occurs outside in our gardens and backyards during the early fall season. Seed pods and berries are starting to emerge on flowers and shrubs, while pumpkins and squash are nearly ready for harvest. The air is tinged with coolness, and the days are growing significantly shorter as the birds begin to migrate South. As your outdoor garden and patio space naturally makes this transition, your indoor decor and entertaining scheme should shift as well. The fall home is about warmth and coziness; we think of spicy aromas and dim, ambient lighting.

Transition Your Home Decor from Summer to Fall

Recycled Bottle Lanterns Add mood lighting: With the daylight hours turning shorter and shorter every day, it’s time to strategically place some nice ambient lighting around the house. Mood lighting is the easiest and most effective way to cast a certain warm, friendly tone in your home, whether it is for you alone or for guests, or even a large dinner party. For a small space, such as a bathroom sink or a fireplace mantel, we love the Roost Pinecone Tealights. They’re easy to place and quite cute. For a larger space, such as a dining table centerpiece or an end table, we choose the Roost Recycled Bottle Lanterns. This fall, we are going to place a cluster of the lanterns inside our fireplace and fill them with white votive candles for a romantic glow.
Colors of fall Savor some autumn scents: Conventional aerosol air fresheners can be filled with all sorts of chemicals and synthetic fragrances. Blech. For a nice, cozy autumn scent that fills your home, try an easy and natural home fragrance instead. Place a small saucepan on your stove with a cup of apple cider and a cup of water. Toss in a tablespoon of ground cinnamon and a few cloves, and bring this to a simmer on your stove. As it simmers, it will fill your home with a warm, spicy apple pie scent.
Earth tones are easy: (Anyone get the 80s movie title reference there? Bonus points if you do!) During the summer, we are all inclined to fill our homes with breezy fabrics such as lightweight cotton and silk, and bright colors such as yellow, coral and turquoise. For fall, replace these home accents with darker earth toned ones. For example, if you have a neutral colored couch, add throw pillows in dark orange, olive green and deep aubergine. If your summer white curtains are still hanging, replace them with heavier, thermal ones in a dark clay red or earthy brown. Check out these photos from Hooked on Houses to see how a few strategically placed fall earth tones can really work well with any interior decorating scheme. Still feeling unsure of how to change a room’s color scheme to reflect the season? Watch this quick video from Apartment Therapy on Easily Changeable Color.
Decorate with natural accents Decorate with natural accents: There are so many cool and interesting things you can find outdoors in the fall to decorate your home. Take a leisurely stroll around your block or in a local park to go for a little treasure hunt. A basket or galvanized tub filled with twigs and firewood looks pretty in an entryway or next to the fireplace. A ceramic bowl or vase can be piled high with branches of colorful leaves, or guards and pumpkins. Long stems of pussywillows or goldenrod would look gorgeous clustered in a Roost Copenhagen Carafe & Terrarium.
fall table decor Prepare your dining room for dinner parties: During the summer, your most frequently used dining area is probably the patio and the grill, while your kitchen and your dining room take a hiatus. Now it’s time to bring some life back into your dining room and get it ready for fall dinner parties. Add cushioned seat covers to your dining room chairs in order to soften the look of the room, and a tablecloth or table runner. For a look that says “welcome, come sit down” definitely add your mood lighting to this room, and “stage” the table with your favorite serving dishes. For more ideas on how to transition your dining room from summer to fall, look to House Dressing and Centsational Girl for inspiration.