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Six Great Ways to Celebrate April: National Gardening Month

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

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We always think of the act of gardening as a celebratory event. But during the month of April, our green thumbs get an extra special boost because it is National Gardening Month, as designated by the National Gardening Association (NGA). So even if you have never planted a single thing in your life, April is an excellent time to get started.

6 Great Ways to Celebrate National Gardening Month

(1) Host a Plant Swap Party

The basic gist of a plant swap is to ask your friends to bring a few plant starts that they have divided from their gardens. Most perennials can be easily divided and therefore are easy to share. Make sure that you, as the host, have extra containers on hand, and plant markers, such as Popsicle sticks or plastic spoons that can be written on with a permanent marker. Make it clear to your guests what they are expected to bring to swap- you may wish to include seeds and bulbs, or even tools and gardening books. We think plant swaps are an awesome idea because they can truly save you a lot of money. To make your plant swap special, consider serving iced tea and a yummy garden-inspired treat, like these Rose-Walnut Scones. (And you can learn how to make your own rose water here!)

(2) Organize a Neighborhood Garden

Chances are, if you live in a big city, you’ve witnessed an awesome trend that has started to grow lately. Driving down the street, you may notice an unexpected green patch next to an apartment building, or a plot of flourishing herbs and vegetables next to a vacant lot. These community gardens have been started by individuals who wish to maintain a garden, but don’t have a yard in which to do it. The community collectively shares the responsibilities and decides what to grow- some are flower-filled relaxing spaces, while others are vegetable gardens from which the harvest is donated to a local food bank. For tips on how to start your own neighborhood garden, check out this guide from Urban Harvest.