December Week 3 Giveaway: 2012 Buy Local Tea Towel + Roost Farmers’ Market Basket

Tea Towel and Ceramic Basket

Enter to win! 2012 Buy Local Tea Towel + Roost Farmers' Market Basket

UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Congratulations to Shelley Crist!

In this week’s December Giveaway, we’re celebrating the Buy Local movement. The idea of keeping it local appeals to many people, not just gardeners and farmers. When it comes to buying your food locally, it’s not just about supporting your local economy. You are buying produce that tastes better and is more nutritious; transportation uses less fossil fuel; and you can enjoy guilt-free dinners knowing your meat came from a cow, chicken, or pig that grazed freely in an open pasture.

This week is a two-part question: (1) Currently, how do you keep it local, and (2) what is one way you plan to become a better locavore in 2012?

One randomly selected winner will receive one 2012 Buy Local Calendar Tea Towel + one Roost Raspberry Farmers’ Market Basket {raspberry}.

How to Enter

2012 Calendar Tea Towel

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  • Answer the question in each blog post by submitting your answer in the “leave a reply” section at the bottom of the page – good for 1 entry.
  • Answer the same on our Facebook page (you’ll have to “like” the page to make a comment) – good for 1 entry.

Yep, that’s right, you can enter your name twice for a chance to win our FREE gift idea. Keep ‘em for yourself or find some special to gift them to.

Week 3′s contest ends Sunday, December 18, 12:00 PST. The winner will be announced the following week.

Congratulations to Christina and Janis for winning last week’s December Giveaway!

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9 Responses to “December Week 3 Giveaway: 2012 Buy Local Tea Towel + Roost Farmers’ Market Basket”

  1. Jenny Engle says:

    I am a proponent of local food by participating in a weekly organic CSA as well as growing food in my two 4′x8′ raised beds. In 2012, I hope to add raising chickens for local eggs to my life.

  2. Julie Lanier says:

    I love shopping at the local farmer’s market, where its producers only from the area. I hope to increase my purchasing from that market and work towards eating only foods in season, which is really difficult when the supermarket has all of the fruits in the off season!

  3. I commend you Julie for making a goal to eat in season. It’s certainly easier said then done! We have a couple of smaller markets that do a pretty good job at selling, not only within season, but within our state or region. The best thing you can do is to keep asking your local grocer for locally grown, seasonal produce. They tend to be pretty responsive to customer requests. Now, it make take a year, or 50 of your locavore friends to hound them everyday.

    So behind you about the chickens Jenny! I have four in my backyard, and they are the best damn egg layers ever!

  4. Crystal Nguyen says:

    It was surprising to learn that my family bought foods locally all my life. Living in a high concentration Vietnamese community, the local ethnic grocers rely on nearby crops because of our specialized cuisine. In fact, some fresh produce still come from backyards within walking distance of the market. Most of the produce I would venture to say do not come from very far away and are grown on small farms. There are micro-factories a few streets over from my house that make fresh tofu and soymilk and others that make rice noodles. Moreover, in my tiny community, there has been throughout my life a “farmer’s market” with neighors selling produce and friends and family sharing fruit harvests. Inching toward 2012, my family and I are taking more seriously boycotting Chinese goods as an environmentally-, politically- and health- conscious stance.

  5. Shelley Crist says:

    I grow as much of my own produce and purchase the rest when the farmer’s market is open. I just got some goats for my own milk and we have chickens for eggs and raise meat chickens also. Trying to do even more to become self sufficient/locavore, I am looking into starting a CSA for our area!

  6. Jeavonna says:

    To make sure I’m as local as possible with my food I do most of my buying at the farmers market. I’m a city dweller with almost no ground to grow so I do a lot of container gardening. I support my local urban farm, Real FoodFarm and plan to participate in the CSA they offer next spring. I continue to actively support urban farming by nagging my elected officials to enact ordinances that encourage it. They have really stepped up here to make that a reality. They have turned over many vacant lots to gardening groups for that purpose. Gotta love these folks.

  7. Cara C says:

    Well, we keep it local by growing our own produce in our backyard and eating eggs from our own chickens. Have been doing it for several years and really enjoy the opportunity to teach our kids about eating locally. As for 2012, I want to really focus on fine-tuning our harvests, in order to maximize the amount of food we get from it for both the summer and winter crops.

  8. Michelle says:

    We have a winter CSA share right now and plan to enroll for all of next year’grass s CSA starting in March. We also are going to buy a half of a grass fed cow from a local farm next year and have it processed in state.

  9. Wehaf says:

    We shop locally by buying a lot of our food at the farmers’ market. This year we’ll be better locavores by growing more of our own vegetables.

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