Pair Dainty Snowdrops with Roost’s Glass Bird Vases

Snowdrops Roost Glass Bird Vases

Signs of spring are popping up in masses under trees, along walkways, or maybe even scattered throughout your lawn. Early spring flowering bulbs, like snowdrops, crocuses, and tulips, offer flower lovers the season’s first cut flowers for indoor bud vases.

We’ve discovered another perfect pairing for our Roost Glass Bird Vases. Snowdrops. You may not think of Snowdrops – or galanthus – as a cut flower, but their dainty, honey-scented flowers are natural companions for small vases with narrow openings.

What are Snowdrops?

Snowdrops are an early spring blooming bulb from the amaryllidaceae family, with over 20 different varieties to choose from. Look for Galanthus nivalis, or common snowdrop, it’s the most widely known variety and can be found in most garden centers. Galanthus elwesii, or giant snowdrop, have larger flowers and wider leaves than it’s more common cousin. Both varieties grow up to about 4-6″ tall.

You can buy the potted plants nurseries now, or wait until fall to plant the bulbs. Since snowdrops are one of the first flowering bulbs, often blooming while the ground is still covered in snow, plant them along walkways, around your mailbox, or in containers by the front door. Click for more growing information.

Where to place in your home

Snip a few blooms at varying heights and place them in the chickadee (front) or dove vases. Consider placing a couple Crocus vernus ‘Jeanne d’Arc’ in the chickadee vase to add a contrasting flower shape. Place the vases in pairs, or by themselves, around the house where you need a little spring pick-me-up (e.g., a nightstand, kitchen windowsill, front door table, or on your office desk). Click if you’re interested in our Roost Glass Bird Vases.

Garden Rules Book

Thanks Dee Nash for allowing me to use your snowdrops photo for this AML blog post. Check out Dee’s blog Red Dirt Ramblings if you live in Oklahoma. She knows how to grow stuff in one the country’s toughest climates!

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  1. Jayme, so glad I could help. Those vases are uber cool btw. I still want one of the ones with frogs. Decisions, decisions.~~Dee

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