Hot New Pots for Plants: Greenbo Railing Planters

Here at AML, we cannot help but be super excited for the approach of spring each year. Not only does springtime mean that we get to enjoy brighter skies and warmer temperatures, but it also means that we get to try out all of our cool new gardening products as we dig our hands into some fresh spring soil. This year, we are totally pumped to try out our new Greenbo Planters- the new generation of pots for plants.

What we love about the Greenbo Planter is that it takes away the need for ground space, or even porch or balcony space, to have a container garden. The colorful planters snap right onto any railing that is up to 4 inches in width. There are no screws or brackets involved, all you have to do it place the planter right on the railing and it stays where you put it. The designers seriously thought of everything. The planter won’t fly away or rust on your railing, and it has a little drip tray that can be removed from the bottom. This way, not only will the planter not drip all over the place when you water your plants (the neighbors below will thank you!), but you can also remove the tray and recycle the water. The vibrant pots won’t even fade in bright sunlight or rain. Nice!

Greenbo Railing Planters $27.00 at aHa! Modern Living

The Greenbo Planters make having a container garden a total snap. All you need to do is fill them with some good organic potting soil and fill ‘em up with your favorite plants. Not sure what to plant?

Tried and True Container Garden Combos

Drought Tolerant Container


If you live in a particularly hot and dry climate, and your Greenbo Planter is going to be in full sun, it is a good idea for you to pick drought resistant plants. A combination that we love is one Variegated American Agave in the center of the planter, along with a couple of pink ice plants around the edges. The agave will grow upward, while the pink ice will grow out and down, spilling wildly over the sides of the planter like colorful flames. For a really pretty look, pick a blue planter, which will contrast nicely with the bright pink blossoms and green foliage.

Full Sun Container

Confetti Lantana

For a container that is going to be exposed to sunlight all day, it is important to pick plants that thrive in full sun. One of our favorite full-sun flowers is the Lantana, which comes in many different colorful varieties and grows quite full into a mound shape. Other major sun lovers are black-eyed Susans, geraniums, marigolds, daisies and petunias. You can also consider planting some climbing plants, because anything that naturally climbs up can also trail downward. And won’t some flowers look pretty draping and curling down your balcony rails? Some good full sun climbers include the creeping zinnia, parrot beak, verbena, and sweet potato vine.

Full Shade Container

Star Jasmine

Even if your apartment window is mostly shaded by the tall office building next to you, you can still have success with a container garden. The trick is just to pick plants that thrive well in the shade. Flowers that will grow well in shade containers include coleus, begonias, impatiens, lily of the valley, lungwort, and oxalis. For some trailers try campanula, star jasmine, or periwinkle.

Hummingbird Magnet Container


We love this idea from Life on the Balcony, where Fern suggests creating a container to attract hummingbirds to your balcony. She recommends using beautiful, colorful creeping jenny, cyprus vines, and snapdragons. While you are at it, you can pinch the sides of the snapdragon blossoms together to make “dragon’s mouth” that sings a little tune. (Come on, we’re definitely not the only ones who still do that, right?) Hummingbirds also love bright red scarlet runner beans, bee balm, and pineapple sage.

Easy Herb Container Garden


Some herbs are pretty much foolproof and really easy to grow. Mint, for example, is so easy to grow that you may need to keep an eye on it, lest it overtake the surrounding plants. Mint grows well in shade or sun, and can grow bushy, or trail downwards. Just make sure that you plant different varieties of mint in different containers to keep them from cross pollinating. In a container, we like a combination of chives and basil with a few marigolds in there for color. Thyme grows well and needs little watering, while sage can thrive so well in a container that you can pinch off and dry leaves on a regular basis.

Take a peek at all of our Greenbo Planters to select the colors that you like best. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out all of our other modern gardening tools and accessories as well. It’s almost time to put them to good use. Woo-hoo!

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  1. What a cool idea to plant hummingbird plants in a Greenbo, I love it!

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