December Giveaway Week 2: Roost Recycled Wall Terrarium + Terrarium Craft Book

Terrarium Gift Idea

UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Congratulations to Christina for winning the first prize {terrarium + book} and to Janis for winning the second prize {book}.

Terrariums are the perfect gift for plant lovers, design junkies, DIYers, and crafty minds. And when you pair our Roost Recycled Glass Wall Terrarium with Timber Press’s Terrarium Craft book by Amy Bryant Aiello and Kate Bryant, it makes the perfect giveaway! One lucky winner will win both the wall terrarium + the terrarium book, and a second place winner will win a copy of the book {pictured below}.

QUESTION: Terrariums are little scenes of nature in glass containers. What’s your favorite way to connect with nature indoors?


We're giving away 2 free copies of Terrarium Craft

Week 2 Giveaway: How to Enter

  • Answer the question above by submitting your answer in the “leave a reply” section at the bottom of the page – good for 1 entry.
  • Answer the same, or similar question, on our Facebook page (you’ll have to “like” the page to make a comment) – good for 1 entry.

Week 2′s contest ends Sunday, December 11, 12:00 PST. Two randomly selected winners will be announced the following week.

Congratulations Julie Lanier for winning last week’s December Giveaway!

Create the Perfect Terrarium Gift

Want to make a big impression this holiday? Think about grouping terrarium related items your gift recipient will need to create their first or 100th terrarium.

  • Terrarium Tools make fiddling with plants and dirt easier in tight spaces
  • Idea Books like Timber Press’s Terrarium Craft
  • Organic Potting Soil
  • Small bag of Crushed River Gravel for drainage
  • Small bag of Charcoal to keep mold and bacteria at bay
  • Water bottle for spritzing the plants
  • Plant material ranging from succulents and cacti, ferns, moss, and air plants.
  • Accent pieces add a nice personal touch and fill empty spaces. Look for crystals, feathers, bones, seashells, bits of wood, porcelain trinkets

WEEK 3 Giveaway: one 2012 Buy Local Tea Towel + one Roost Farmer’s Market Basket {raspberry}

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37 Responses to “December Giveaway Week 2: Roost Recycled Wall Terrarium + Terrarium Craft Book”

  1. kia says:

    Indoor plants are my way to connect with nature inside – and to help purify indoor air

  2. I hate to admit that I’m terrible at keeping house plants alive, largely due to my two cats. What do you think is the easiest plant to keep alive Kia?

  3. heidi says:

    I feel very lucky that we have huge windows in our tiny apartment, so every morning I open all of the shades and put all of my potted plants (succulents, orchids, nerve plants) on the window sills. I so relieved that we get a ton of natural light and we have an awesome view… these are the things that keep me from going nutty during the short winter days!

  4. heidi says:

    oops, I meant “I AM so…”

  5. Jealous of your huge windows and natural light. I feel like I live in a cave sometimes, which is particularly hard in the winter. Nerve plants would love to be all cozy in a terrarium!

  6. Dawn Sherwood says:

    Having at least 1 plant in every room of my house…… having a “sunroom” full…..really helpful in West Michigan winters!!

  7. Christina says:

    Orchids! I love their exotic, long lasting blooms. I have yet to master the art of making them bloom repetitively.

  8. Susan says:

    I connect to nature indoors through my houseplants (my husband accuses me of trying to make the house feel like a jungle), by having natural artifacts on my desk (ie. rounded pebble I found, a feather, etc.) and through my nature photography.

  9. My favorite ways to connect with nature indoors, especially during the winter, are to visit with my collection of ~75 houseplants and to read about wonderful parks and preserves I might visit someday.

  10. Amanda says:

    I grew up with tons of plants in our home. Even a tree!! I would love to start growing edible plants and air cleaning plants in our home. I think the idea of having hanging terrariums is awesome. My husband would love it.

  11. Courtney says:

    At this time of year, my favorite way is to bring in evergreen branches – holly, fir, and pine – to decorate my home.

  12. Janis says:

    My plant room ( extra bedroom) is filled with plants and grow lights in the winter. The neighbours must think I have a grow-op! I do – just the right kind. Keeps my thumbs green in the dark months.

  13. Athena says:

    In the summer we make small moss gardens with mosses we find around the area, it’s a learning process for me and the kids to see which ones thrive and which ones don’t also to see which can come back after seeming to die completely(so even our mistakes aren’t always mistakes)
    I’ve made some wee terrariums with air plants and light bulbs and they are pretty popular it’s always fun figuring out what goes together to shine with natural beauty.

  14. Robin says:

    Mostly I connect with nature indoors by trying hard not to track too much outdoors back in with me. My cat eats most houseplants, so I can’t really keep many. But! I’ve found that air plants in a terrarium setting actually works with him. Since he can’t actually get to the plants, they live! (And I get to enjoy them too!) Thanks!

  15. Steve Asbell says:

    With terrariums, of course! I like to plant mine with rhipsalis and moss… FYI, that is an excellent book!

  16. I am so stealing your idea Steve! How could I forget about rhipsalis? It would look beautiful cascading over the sides of our Roost Recycled Wall Terrarium. I’m with you Robin, cats don’t make good companions for house plants. Air plants and terrariums are the way to go! Plants seem to be the way to bring nature indoors, but I like the suggestions on bringing in feathers, fossils and rocks; all great ideas to add to terrariums too.

  17. Oh how I would love to win BOTH of these things! I have a number (a BIG number) of tender plants that would never survive our winters, so they come in. I’ve got a conservatory, and many go in there, but we also have lots and lots in our house. We love the “jungle” feel (as my husband says) of having a lot of green plants inside when it’s gray and dreary outside.

  18. mimi says:

    In the winter, I bring all my “tropical” and citrus plants indoors. It’s like a jungle of plants, but it’s great!

  19. This book looks fabulous & very inspirational!
    It’s great to see Terrariums hot again. Dating myself by admitting that I remember when they were big back in the 1970′s. I’ve always had one going in my house. I’ll look forward to seeing this book’s modern take on a great indoor garden idea!

  20. Melissa E says:

    I like to keep a little herb garden inside, and a few nice potted plants. I like to grow everything from seed, because I end up feeling a lot more attached to the plant, having put them there and watched them grow from a speck to a real living breathing thing.

  21. Robin Van Vleet says:

    From where I sit I can hear a small river and see the tracks animals leave in the snow on the way down to get a drink. I love sharing my yard with so many wild things! ( except when they eat my fruit trees! ;-) )

  22. heidi says:

    Ooo, now I want to find some rhipsalis.

  23. john connery says:

    As the weather gets cool, in come the house plants and all the creepy crawlies with.
    The outside comes in, but not into the bedrooms.
    The terrarium would be a perfect way to have outdoors in teh bedroom….

  24. Carolyn Collins says:

    I keep lots of houseplants but also have a birdfeeder outside that I can watch from my window.

  25. I do believe Carolyn and John are on to something here! Terrariums are a fabulously, cool way of bringing the outdoors in, but enjoying the outdoors from within is just as important. Just like Carolyn suggested, strategically place your bird feeders outside so you can enjoy them inside all year round. Great comments so far. I enjoy reading every one of them!

  26. Suzanne Carter says:

    I really like a lot of hanging plants indoors–it gives an indoor space a more natural look.

  27. marybeth says:

    I love bringing in anything green. It brings a calm to the interiors and there’s nothing like fresh plants, or moss, or cut branches in vases. I’m terrible at arranging flowers so terrariums are perfect for us! thanks for posting the contest

  28. lauren says:

    Tons of plants of course… they’re slowly taking over my house O:-)

  29. Lisa says:

    I love bring in cut flowers from my garden during the summer!

  30. When everything looks rather dreary in winter, I love to force bulbs like amaryllis and paperwhites in my house. Nothing like flowers in December and January to chase away the winter blues. But I’d love to try a terrarium too — especially one this pretty. Thanks for the chance to win.

  31. Dot says:

    Aside from a multitude of houseplants… My Faveorite way to connect with nature indoors is soaking in a hot bath in our tub surrounded by ficus, begonia, philodendron, grape ivy, lipstick plant, spider plant, and a few I don’t know the names of! Ahhhhh…

  32. What a fab idea Dot, soaking in a bath surrounding by moisture-loving plants! How about taking it a few steps further; soaking in a tub infused with aromatic, botanical bath powders and sipping on a Miller Thyme cocktail. You’re the first to suggest forcing bulbs Teresa! They make great gifts too!

  33. heidi says:

    I can enter twice?! Sweet! :) My other way of connecting to the outdoors is by bringing in the many cuttings I’ve taken from a friend’s fig tree… they are in a large white pitcher in my apartment and they grow fresh, beautiful new leaves all winter. They are my little science project.

  34. Tom Mann says:

    We grow some temperature-sensitive herbs indoors in the winter, and also have a window mounted birdfeeder to bring the birds a little closer on those days when it’s too cold to be out with them.

  35. Tak Shimizu says:

    By bringing in garden herbs in the fall and growing them in our garden window through the winter. Nothing compares to cooking with fresh herbs.

  36. Patricia Gaudette says:

    I bring nature into my home by harvesting twigs, cones, seed pods and evergreen branches to make autumn and Christmas wreaths.

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