Companion Planting for Pest Control & Fruit Production

There’s been some discussion among gardeners lately regarding the benefit of companion planting. That’s the idea of planting vegetables and flowers together, or radishes with cabbage, or carrots and tomatoes, for mutual benefit. Is there solid research to prove this? Not really. Is it a bad idea? Not really.

Why Good Radishes make Good Neighbors

Radishes, in particular, are frequently cited as good companion plants. Something about their scent deters pests. Their flowers—tiny, delicate, and open-faced—attract small insect pollinators. That’s something that every vegetable (or, botanically speaking), fruit, can benefit from. Tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, blueberries, apples, peaches—all require pollinators for maximum quantity of production. If you let your radishes bolt (go to seed), you have a built-in pollinator beacon.

Other Plant Combos that Work:

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