On Being Fresh

Eat Love GrowBack when I was pregnant, I didn’t have many weird food cravings, but I HAD to have fresh food. Frozen meals? No way. Leftovers? Fuggedaboutit. I needed a sandwich from the deli where they carved the meat in front of me. FRESH.

Proofing BasketsAs the years have gone by and my children have gotten older, the need for freshness dimmed only slightly, but the need for higher quality food grew and continues to grow. I learned to plant and grow organic vegetables (which was a huge accomplishment considering I used to call myself a “black thumb” – I could kill a silk flower). I started buying meat from the local butcher instead of the chain grocery store. I learned to bake my own bread and even my own croissants! Fresh and homemade became more important as my family grew.

As this website grows and matures, we’re finding the sweet spot where home and garden merge. We’re looking for products that speak to that longing for freshness and authenticity. Tools to help you get the most from your time in the kitchen and useful, beautiful items for the rest of your house that reinforce your need for things that speak to your love of all things fresh.Lemons Detail

(Full disclosure: we have faux fruits and vegetables because the real ones don’t look so good after a few days on the counter.)


How have your priorities changed over the years? What are you looking for that you’re having trouble finding? We’d love to hear from you and help you hunt down those special items that will make your home unique.herb basket


Dishes and Table Linens – Fresh for Spring

Dishes and Table Linens – Fresh for Spring

Dishes and place mats are a great way to welcome a new season. That dark time between Christmas and Spring is like a decorating no-man’s land. It’s too early for tulips, but you really need to put away the red berries. But that’s over now. It’s SPRING and you can break out the color and have some fun with new dishes, glassware and place mats.

Tuscan Dishes Cabbage Leaf mat

A cabbage leaf place mat with bright-colored melamine? Perfect for Easter brunch. (Check out the cute bubble glass champagne flute!) What we love most about this dinnerware is the complementary patterns on the dinner plate and salad/dessert plate. You can add visual interest to your table with different layers and really impress your guests.

Speaking of melamine, we have some great choices for outdoor entertaining this summer. These would be perfect on the back porch or patio, or even in the picnic basket! They actually look good enough to use every day indoors if you have a family that shouldn’t be near breakable dishes.

 flowers coral aqua peach flower garden coral indigo place mat, ivory dishes greens and bluesMelamine sunset style dishes

We’ve been having lots of fun picking out a variety of table linens, glassware, flatware, and dishes to help you spring forward, with lots of great floral and paisley patterns, cool stripes and basic solids which help bring out the colors in patterned dinnerware.

green paisley linens verona birds green paisley levingston eggs beautiful botanical floral linens and placemats

So if you’re needing a little something new (like place mats) or you want to completely redo the table scape, come check out the selection! Our website has everything you need to dress up your table for the new season and all kinds of useful kitchenware and other home accessories as well.

 Shades of Blue dishes and paisley linens

Whether you’re looking for a more traditional look or something new and cool, we have plenty of choices. (This white dinnerware is made in Europe and it’s OVAL. How cool is that?)

Visit the tabletop department of our website and bring some fresh color home for Spring!



Bali Glassware set

Bali Glassware

Hospitality is a gift. You know those people – maybe you know them personally or you’ve seen them on tv – who welcome people with grace and charm; the more the merrier. And then they do it again the next night. I can cook and set a table with the best of them, but it takes me at least a week to recover from a major holiday. Hospitality is not one of my gifts.

But it is a skill, one which can be learned. As with any skill, having good tools helps. Will the right gadgets make you a better cook? Will the right candle holders create the perfect ambiance? Will the right accessories add panache? Maybe. They won’t hurt your efforts. If your home is full of things you love, you will be delighted to welcome the people you love into your home.

Wine Tray

Really, it’s about making people feel comfortable. This is the essence of good manners and hospitality, and we’re happy to help you master this valuable skill.

Recycled Bottle Lantern

This month we’re featuring the fun extras that give your entertaining that extra special something – cool trays and serving pieces, candle holders, and glassware. Have a look around, buy yourself something you love that will help you

Globe Damask Bowl

And sign up for our emails (over on the right margin), because next month we’re going to talk about the Tabletop, with linens and dishware and getting your hospitality on for the holiday season!


French Country Home Decor

La Cuisine French Prints

We keep finding wonderful French country home decor merchandise and falling in love. French cooking, French-country decorating, and the wonderful flavors and fragrances of Provence have brought to life our “Summer in Provence” theme. (We found even more glorious French vintage/farmhouse items on our most recent buying expedition, but they’re not all in yet, so this is just a tease.)

What we do have is great French linens…

Avignon Table Linens

dinnerware in classic neutrals and bright polka dots…

Clos du Manoir Dinnerware

Campagne Sugar Jar

real lavender (and products made from real lavender)…

Lavender Bunches

Lavender Foaming Soap

and glassware from a French glassmaker that’s been in business since the 1400s. Now THAT is enduring style!

Dragonfly Carafe

Have a stroll through the website and bring the French feeling home. Mixing French Farmhouse, French Vintage, and French Rustic creates that great vintage-meets-trendy look we love.

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Melamine Dinnerware is Back!

This is not your Mother’s Melamine Dinnerware…

Melamine tray

Gorgeous melamine tray in Medallion style

I am sure we all remember the original melamine from our childhoods made in many decorative designs and colors. Our mothers bought them in the 50’s and 60’s so they could be used for outdoor barbeques by kids and adults. (well before the paper plate revolution)  The function of melamine was a great concept although the styles and designs left something to be desired. Well, the Melamine revolution is back but this time, they can be made to look just like regular stoneware and they are beautiful! The thickness and colors are so close to quality stoneware you would be hard pressed to tell the difference without picking them up. If you have ever loaded a dishwasher with a full set of stoneware, you know why the weight difference is so important! Also, they are as unbreakable as ever. No more throwing away an entire set of dishes because 1 or 2 have chips or cracks.

Plates melamine

11.5″ plates and 7.5″ lunch or salad plates

The styles we have available start with this beautiful Medallion set which has two plate sizes available as well as a large tray for serving. You can actually feel the texture in the melamine and the colors are so vibrant. Coming soon we have Tuscan Sun and Coral Sandstone styles with accessories like chip and dip trays and matching serving bowls.

Plastic unbreakable stemware

Tritan Stemware, virtually unbreakable!

Also new are Tritan plastic-glassware (I know it is an oxymoron) that is made with a new material that doesn’t get scratched in the dishwasher! Unlike normal acrylic “glasses” these are wine and drink glasses that are clear as glass but have the ability to be washed in the dishwasher without all those horrible scratches. They can also be dropped over and over without breaking. In colors that match the melamine sets, these are also perfect for everyday or fancy barbeque parties outdoors.

Fun Indoor Plant Labels

Garde Plant TagIf you’re not a professional botanist, a knowledgeable gardener, or just someone who is knowledgeable enough to readily identify different kinds of plant life, you might find that labeling your herbs and other indoor plants is very helpful.

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The Perfect Outdoor Candleholders

What is it about dining by candlelight that makes a simple al fresco meal more enjoyable? Is it because the glow of light conjures feelings of warmth andTaj Candle Holder
coziness? Or do faces bathed in it exude happiness and health? Whatever the reason, dining outside in candlelight incandescence makes any gathering feel more intimate and more special. There are several options for the perfect outdoors candleholder for your table – the popular glass candleholder lantern, traditional candleholders, hanging candleholders, candle logs, candleholder sconces, tea light holders, hurricane vases, and more. Your particular aesthetic, spatial considerations, and the occasion are all factors in what you ultimately choose as your candleholder centerpiece. Read the rest of this entry »

Modern Salt Boxes for Your Modern Home

Foodie and restaurant industry trends come and go, some fading away and some melting intoSalt Box the collective culinary landscape. The non-hamburger slider, small plates, juicing, bacon-flavored everything, truffle oil, farm-to-table, locavorism, the raw food movement, and gastropubs are just some of the most recent fads loved and loathed by many. But one dining trend has had a bit more of a subtle ingratiation into the culinary consciousness – the salt box, also known as the pinch bowl, salt dish, saltbox holder, or salt container. Much more common on restaurant tables of late, salt containers are replacing traditional salt and pepper shakers. You might have noticed in the last couple of years, and depending on where you live and dine, that among the standard set of dining accoutrement – napkin dispenser, bottle of glass ketchup, single flower in a little glass vase, tea light candle – shakers are nowhere to be found and in their place are small dishes of salt and pepper, sometimes with little spoons gently nestled in.

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Users Guide To Herb Scissors

Herb Scissors Why Herb Scissors Will Save You Time and Energy in the Kitchen. Chopping stubborn herbs and keeping them from bouncing off of your cutting board is a trying practice that most who cook for themselves at home know well. So what is a fledgling home cook to do without the superior knife skills of a professional chef or culinary school grad? Save time and energy in the kitchen by deferring to a tool that will quickly and perfectly dismantle your herbs – herb scissors.

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Container Gardening

Vegetable-Container-Gardening Container Gardening

With access to the internet and sites like Pinterest, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with ideas and intimidated by the seemingly perfect gardens that are commonly found there. At the same time your yard (or lack thereof) is too small, the weather is too unpredictable, or you just don’t have enough time to take care of a proper garden. Well, there’s some good news! Gardening doesn’t have to be large scale, perfect, require perfect weather, or need a ton of time. One of the simplest ways to add color and life to your backyard or balcony is to implement containers into your gardening routine.

Whether you’re looking to plant herbs and vegetables or brighten up your space with some colorful flowers, container gardening is very versatile method and can utilize some of the most common place items!

containersforgardeningGoing Green with your Green Thumb:

From coffee cans and yogurt cups to egg cartons and milk jugs, recycling your containers has never been easier! Many of these items can easily be turned into plant containers. Egg cartons are perfect for starting a large amount of plants to be transplanted later in the season when they outgrow their space. Teach your kids about gardening by having them paint a yogurt container or milk jug and watch their plants grow or use the smaller yogurt containers for a mini herb garden to add a little spice to your dinners. Be creative and don’t be afraid to try nontraditional ideas!Show product details for Huge Antique Galvanized Planter set

Cook with fresh produce? Take it to a whole other level with this idea!

If your grandparents are anything like mine, then they have four of everything and love giving you the things they don’t use. This has resulted in the unfortunate situation of owing 10 pots, but only really using two to cook with. I ended up donating mine, but if I had seen what this creative gal did with her found cookware! With the new trend of colorful cookware; pots, pans, teapots, or even coffee mugs and teacups can all make great creative containers for succulents or houseplants. Make sure you provide enough room for drainage though; it would be easy to drown your plants otherwise.Show product details for Dragonfly Kingdom Ceramic Pot

container-vegetable-gardenDon’t be dull as dirt, get creative!

There are plenty of really creative ideas that can be executed inside and outside of the home.  Using rain gutters as planters along the fence, deck railing, or even hanging them seems to be a big fad right now. It’s a great method for keeping spreading produce contained and looks really cool! I’ve seen a bunch of creative ways to garden with containers either in small spaces or large scale!Show product details for Garden Decorative Planter Small Rectangular

Containers that can be used for gardening are literally limitless. As long as it can contain a little dirt and handle being a little wet it can be used for planting! Get creative and start looking at those old canisters, shoes, buckets, and dishes in a new light. Who knows? There might be a perfect pot for that plant you’ve been looking to re-home.


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Mackenzie Kupfer is inspired by things both great and small, whether it’s royal gardens or a shoe-planter. To see more of her writing, check out her twitter.

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